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Recycling Center


The most drastic change to this industry was the passage of the bottle deposit law. In one fell swoop, this bill forced upon stores, overhead issues such as increased needs of storage space, and more employees to handle returnables, sanitary issues and most notable, the added price of the deposits to the wholesale pricing of these beverages at $1.20 per case in most instances.

The storage space alone for the "empties" equals, and in many instances, is greater than the space needed to warehouse and retail product! Changes in appearance to Culver-Narrows retail floor occur as fast as the days pass. It is not uncommon to hear customers say "where did you put the Coca-Cola this time!"

Thanks to our recycling center, we have been recognized for convenience. Our redemption center pays out 5 cents per. When you think of a soda store, we know that Thrifty Beverage Center will be the first name that comes to mind in Brooklyn, NY. For a water store, we are the place to go.